Dr. Ferdowsian was arrested for Rape and Sexual Assault 2nd Degree in December of 2022. The Morrilton Police Department notified the community on their Facebook. Folks immediately began victim blaming.

“How could my doctor have done this?” “Innocent until proven guilty!” “He was such a nice guy!”

According to the probable cause affidavit Ferdowsian admitted to assaulting her.

The victim’s mother confronted Dr. Ferdowsian who APOLOGIZED for his actions. He asked to come to the victim’s home to speak to them and to explain what happened and apologize. He told the victim’s mother he had been traumatized as a child and he just slipped up.

You can read the rest of the allegations for yourself. I’m sure the victim would appreciate a public apology from those of you that judged her but we won’t be holding our breath.

Keep in mind when you post victim blaming rhetoric publicly that while that particular victim may never see your words, other victims will. And we will never forget your deeply troubling decision to speak for a predator when you have chosen to be silent on everything else.