December 19, 2022

2022 was quite a year for us. We were able to help quite a few people this year including paying for notary fees for community leaders, flooding the country with West Memphis 3 stickers, and officially hitting $100 in ad revenue through our WordPress blog.

All of this was possible because of donations from our followers and our own hard earned wages. Every one of our Contributors works a full time job somewhere else and hustles to fit in advocacy work here. We pay out of pocket for the investigation work we are doing whether that means paying monthly subscription fees, fuel for travel, Pacer court fees, FOIA fees, or just the hours of our own time writing and doing research.

Most of our success is measured by the relationships we form with folks who reach out to us and ask us for help.

You have allowed us access to your hearts, families, stories, and hardest moments.

You have believed in us every step of the way and you have given us the criticism we so desperately need to learn and do bigger and better things for Arkansans.

Our current followers make up just over 53,000 folks on Facebook. That audience breaks down into 83% of folks who identify as women and 16% of folks who identity as men. Almost 60% of our followers are 25-44 year old women. 25-44 year old men make up 10% of our followers. The cities with the most followers are Russellville, Conway, Little Rock, Hot Springs, and Jonesboro. We also have followers in the UK, Australia, Canada, and Mexico.

The Top 10 Stories for 2022

  1. The Kidnapping and Murders of Ashley Bush and Valkyrie Grace Willis, October 31st, 2022, Coverage by K. Wournos
  2. The Investigation and Subsequent Arrest of Mattison Rice for the Negligent Homicide of Nicci Dawson in September of 2021, by A. Michaels
  3. New Life Church Part One and New Life Church Part Two, an Investigative Two-Parter by A. Michaels
  4. Trooper Ryan Wingo– Worst Trooper Ever or the Standard for Arkansas State Police? A. Michaels
  5. The Suspicous death of Haylee Winkle and the Ryan Puckett Investigation, June 2022, Investigation and coverage by K. Wournos
  6. The Unsolved Murder of Savana Elliot and Latest Updates, Investigation and Writing by C. Tierney and T. Williamson
  7. The use of PIT Maneuvers by the Arkansas State Police, November 2021, K. Wournos
  8. Little Rock’s Serial Killer, April 14, 2022, A. Michaels
  9. Lamar School District Sexual Assault, Investigation and Coverage by K. Wournos
  10. UNPOPULAR OPINION, The Beating of Jonathan Holbrook-Knecht, January 2020, C. Tierney

Top Stories from Outside of Arkansas

  • The Kidnapping and Murder of Eliza Fletcher, Memphis, Investigation and Coverage by K. Wournos
  • The Kidnapping and Murder of Athena Strand, Texas, Coverage by K. Wournos
  • Active Shooter Zeke Huncho, Memphis, Coverage by K. Wournos