The Conway School Board started their war on children last year when they decided to implement several policies that singled out trans kids while they use the bathroom or take overnight school trips. This has been a recent move for the ultra-religious conservatives in not just our state but may states across the country. Despite the fact that your children are at more of a risk of being sexually assaulted by teachers and clergymen than trans children, the hateful rhetoric remains the main way these folks raise money for their grifting projects.

You may also remember this graphic that was sent out to folks. According to Board Members it was created by the school attorney. The outrage that came from the idea that teachers would be banned from saying specific words and be punished with 30-day UNPAID suspensions did not go over well and it was allegedly scrapped.

Source: KATV

And because this new anti-trans children rhetoric enrages conservatives in our state, it is now being used as a way to illicit donations from God-fearing Arkansans which is frankly nothing new if you ask Arkansas embarassment, Jason Rapert, who made sure to attend a meeting in October where a man called for the DEATH of LGBTQIA folks.

Rapert raged at the “liberal media” and claims these anti-trans bills are a political movement based on his flavor of “science.” In fact, Rapert claims to know more about science and biology than LITERAL scientists and biologists who have long supported trans folk.

Rapert should concentrate more on tax law and the separation of church and state.

Anywho, now that the Conway School Board has been put on notice by the community that supports it financially, they have been throwing veritable temper tantrums because their disgusting behavior has resulted in an influx of public records requests.

After receiving more of these requests than before they were waging war on literal children, they decided to subvert the Arkansas FOIA Statute by enacting a new email retention policy wherein they now delete emails 3 days after their receipt so that they are not subject to the FOIA statute.

And the best part is that they have TOLD EVERYONE what they are doing. They have told the media that the new email policy we have named, “Delete, Delete, Delete” is because they are being “harassed” with FOIA requests.

Conway School Board has turned into Arkansas’ current laughing stock and all of these disgusting acts by current and past board members have made national news. Attorneys all over Arkansas are licking their chops at this clear settlement opportunities.

(We highly recommend attorney Matt Campbell of Blue Hog Report if you are having issues receiving FOIA requests from folks in Arkansas.)

FOIA request for information work was done by Debra Hale-Shelton of the Arkansas Times. You can view Hale-Shelton’s latest article here.

The Conway School Board has enacted a new policy that would give speakers from the public a five minute speaking limit and would cap all public commentary and questions at 30 minutes total so that they no longer have to listen to folks tell them how disgusting they are.

KARK Article, “Conway School Board members denounce news coverage, defend transparency in meeting”http://Conway School Board members denounce news coverage, defend transparency in meeting

KATV Article about the Ban on Words can be found here.

The Conway School Board Members can be found here.

The Arkansas Freedom of Information Statute can be found here and the Arkansas FOIA Handbook can be found here.

Notice to any and all school board members in Arkansas: this is not harassment. This is the law. Expect us.