BY: C. Tierney, 12/7/2022

Blair Michael Williams, FCSO

Former Arkansas Teacher Blair Williams was arrested December 2nd, 2022 for Possessing/ Distributing/ Viewing Child Sexual Material in Faulkner County. Williams was employed at Mt. Vernon-Enola High School as Director of Technology from June 2018 until sometime in early 2022 when he was terminated because of allegations of inappropriate conduct with students. 

During a routine audit after his termination inappropriate content was found indicating that there may be child pornography on his devices and in his school issued accounts including his school email. 

The Administration at Mt. Vernon-Enola immediately alerted law enforcement who accessed the accounts and found multiple pictures and videos of minors engaging in various sexual acts alone and with Williams. The content was created between 2014 and 2022 while he was employed at Mt. Vernon Enola and Bigelow School Districts.

While reports state that Williams was employed by two Arkansas school districts, his LinkedIn account shows that he also worked for Arch Ford in Plumerville and was a substitute teacher at Paragould School District. It also says he was employed at UCA as a resident coordinator during the summers from 2012-2016. This leaves a lot of options open for other possible victims and while it may be pretty common for folks to circle the wagons and try to save face, it is imperative that parents are aware of these connections and speak to their children.

Williams appears to be a dangerous serial predator. We hope that further charges are added as this looks to be an incredibly well investigated case by Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office who filed search warrants with Google and even filed Facebook’s version of a no-knock warrant that allows police to retrieve a person’s data without their knowledge and without informing them so that they cannot destroy evidence.

According to Vine Link Williams is being held on a $1 million bond and his charges there list Possessing/ Distributing/ Viewing Child Pornography, Computer Exploitation of a Child, and “TRANSPORTATION DISTRIBUTION MATERIAL D” which we believe to be an offense related to the child pornography as well.

We ask that every parent with a child who went to any of the schools listed above please sit down with your children and have conversation about these predators existing in their spaces. Please reach out to your local authorities if you believe yourself or your child to be a victim. If you need help, please contact us and we will assist you in any way we can.